Happy First Day of Spring!

Happy first day of Spring everyone! When I think of Spring, I automatically associate it with sun and warmth! Unfortunately, the western side of WA state didn’t make the transition out of winter yet. We’re enjoying the long days of  gray clouds, rainstorms, and gloom. I need to get out of here and enjoy somewhere warm and sunny!

The lack of natural vitamin D & C is making me feel sad, but it is also more motivation to start the vacation planning process. This year I also want to cross things off my bucket list!

Previous to my weightloss journey, I would always plan vacations centered around eating,A LOT, and being lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I do love to enjoy local cuisine. But, now when I look for destinations, I want to make sure the emphasis is making sure it will be beneficial for my mind, body, and soul.

Our first vacation will be around the end of April. I want to go to Napa Valley, CA. I feel this would be the best option for us as a quick weekend getaway. My husband and I have been wanting to go for years, but haven’t had the opportunity. Now, we’re set on making this trip happen, even just for a weekend. We both really need this! We want this to be our time to relax & rejuvenate as we enjoy the local wine, food, and walks outside, while soaking up some sunshine! A quick break from our strenuous schedules.

Beautiful wine country!

Beautiful wine country!

Does anyone have any hotel suggestions? We’d like to be in the center of town, closest to  the wineries. I’ve been looking on Groupon & Living Social for deals, but I haven’t seen any for Napa. Maybe I missed it?

Where is your first vacation leading you this spring? What’s your definition of an amazing vacation?


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