Finding Balance

Finding balance, it’s much easier said than done. When I first started my journey it was easy to say no to temptation. It was easy to avoid people and places that I knew would be detrimental to my diet and sidetrack me from my goal. However as time passes it’s getting a lot harder to avoid people, places, and situations because a part of me misses them.

This weekend I was completely burnt out. I was sore, achy, and tired. When I thought of walking into the gym and lifting another weight, I just couldn’t get out of bed. I missed lazy Saturday’s with my family. I missed not having a schedule. I wanted to also take my sister out for her birthday without the stress of counting calories. I wanted freedom from my daily grind. So I let myself. I took Saturday and Sunday off,completely. I didn’t go to the gym or log calories on myfitnesspal app. I felt guilty…but then I realized I really, really need this.

I need to let go sometimes. This burnt out feeling I have wasn’t from the weather. It was internal. My mind needed to relax, in order for my body to completely recover. Since July, I’ve been really adamant about getting in my workouts, logging calories, and being very strict on myself. I was at a point where I needed to step back and re-focus on your goal on why I started.

It’s easy to find motivational quotes that push you through a mental barrier, but sometimes just relaxing and letting your mind go is what will fuel you for the rest of your journey. I enjoyed my weekend with my family, sans Iphone app and gym!

I realized this weekend it’s all about balance. Enjoy time with family and friends, but still find healthy alternatives, like meeting for coffee and sitting outside, instead of eating at a restaurant. Schedule a hike with a friend, instead of a movie. It’s all about balance. It’s a long, and life changing journey, but it’s worth it when you discover new strength.

I’m ready to refocus and reach for my goal-

My goal is to be 8-10 pounds lighter in 7 weeks, before I go to Disneyworld for my nieces 2nd birthday!


4 thoughts on “Finding Balance

  1. Thank you for that post!! It’s just what I’ve been thinking about these past few days. I have been in a funk and can’t seem to break it. My “healthy eating” went down the tubes in March as we had SEVEN!!! birthdays to celebrate! Now these first few days in April I’ve done NOTHING and it’s time to jump in and get to work. I only have about 10 more lbs to do, yet I gained some back last month.
    I am with you sometimes you just need to give yourself a break and instead of kicking yourself, enjoy it…embrace it… and get back to work.

    • I appreciate your reply. Sometimes it can get difficult when you feel alone in struggling to gain back perspective in this weight loss journey. A break is what we all need at times. Celebrating 7 birthdays is a great and wonderful time, and enjoy every second. It’s the time you spend with the ones you love that will help motivate you to get out of your funk. I wish you the best :)!

      I’m excited for the next 7 weeks and can’t wait to share my results!

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