Results…a week later

I’m back from another week long hiatus of not blogging. I know I need to get better, but I’m working on it. Work has been super crazy this week! Anyways…enough of the excuses, I’m ready to share some amazing results!

I weighed in on February 7, 2012 at 162lbs.

I then took a vacation on February 9- February 13. Please keep this in mind, I obviously ate like crazy, and probably gained more from February 7th. I didn’t weigh myself when I came back, simply because I was too scared. I played catch up  like no other, stayed focused on my goals, and worked hard for the below results!

On March 1, 2012 I weighed 160! A total weight loss of 2lbs!

The biggest inches lost-

  • Hip-Lost a total of 1 inch
  • Upper thigh- Lost .5 inch

The most important part of my weigh in was finding out I gained .5 lbs of muscle, and the remaining weight I lost was all fat! My body composition changed without compromising my strength.

My new goal is 157lbs or less by 3/29! Wish me luck!

Remember; it doesn’t matter what the scale reads, but just think of how much better you will feel when you continue to get stronger, and lift more than you could of ever imagined! Set small goals, and they become more achievable. When you return home from vacation, don’t get stuck on what you wish you could have done, but continue to move forward, and every day will bring you closer to your goal!