Nocturnal Saturday Workout

After a fun date night with my husband, we decided to hit the gym for weightlifting (back) & interval running. This is my 3rd Saturday in a row I’ve been to the gym, but the first time going late at night. We were there from 8:00-10:00 PM. It may sound insane, but it was one of the best workouts ever!

New running shoes!


  • The sweet front desk attendant said “WOW you are so dedicated” and kindly asked how many days I went to the gym. I said “6 days!” I thought it was very sweet of her to notice 🙂
  • I didn’t have to wait for a single machine, weight, and most importantly the sauna was not crowded! AWESOME!
  • It’s calmer around this time-usually our gym is filled with loud, high school boys. It can get overwhelming when they start yelling random things at each other. SIDE NOTE-If people can hear you through their headphones, you’re speaking way too loudly!
  • We took our time-with nothing planned after a workout, we slowed down, stretched to make sure to avoid sore muscles the next day.

Have you worked out on a Saturday night?