Fit Pregnancy

I had a vision in mind when I found out I was pregnant that I would be able to stay fit throughout my whole pregnancy. I learned quickly though that you never know how your body is going to react to all these changes. I always imagined myself as one of those glowing women on the cover of Fit Pregnancy still working out and eating healthy. However, my first trimester was a trying one and I completely fell off the workout wagon for a good 6 weeks. I had extreme nausea and threw up constantly (sorry for the detail), but it’s true. I lost 7lbs during the first trimester and had no urge to eat, which means I had barely enough energy to get through a workday. Around week 12 things slowly started to turn around for the better, some days. I would try my best to go for walks, and my wonderful husband bought me a prenatal yoga DVD by Gaiam. On the days I ate well and had some energy I did what I could. I learned to be lenient with myself, and not be so critical. prenatal yoga I’m on week 21, and feel myself getting back to normal. This past weekend we had friends visiting from San Diego, and it felt great to spend time with them and walking all over Seattle for two days. Some of the lessons I learned while being pregnant-

  • Baby is the first priority and as long as she is growing strong & healthy do your best to maintain your health also
  • You can’t be so tough on yourself, be lenient
  • Don’t expect to follow a strict workout/diet regimen
  • Listen to your body, if you have been throwing up all day and can barely have the energy to finish a work day, don’t expect to fit in a workout
  • Lift, but not as heavy. Go for higher reps with way lower weight, and focus on more body weight exercise
  • Focus on stretching, I highly recommend prenatal yoga. Not only has it helped me stretch, but it helps me really tune into what my body is actually feeling.
  • Let your body eat what it craves, but make sure if it’s an unhealthy try to find alternatives. For example, I had terrible chocolate cravings so I turned to dark, natural chocolate!chocolate
  • If you haven’t been working out ask your doctor if you can start. With the beautiful weather of spring all you need is a brisk 20-30 minute walk to get you going. Then make sure to stretch after.

Las Vegas-The Recap Part 1!

Day #1-Local Scene

After picking up our rental at Alamo, we went directly to a little restaurant off the strip called KOMEX.It’s an amazing fusion of Mexican and Korean flavors. It sounds so outlandish, and strange, but this is definitely a must try!

I had the lettuce wrapped tacos. My husband had the kimchi beef fried rice & bulgogi burrito. I had a couple bites of his order, and they were amazing!

I wish I had taken pictures, but by the time we had our food I was incredibly hungry, and basically inhaled my food.

We did some grocery shopping later that night and picked up some essentials-Greek yogurt, salad, light Italian dressing, whole wheat English muffins, morning stars, and egg whites.

Day #2-Gym & shop-aholics

We woke up around 10 am, and made breakfast with my cousins. I had an egg white, morning star, English muffin sandwich.

Then my husband, cousin, and I went to 24 hour fitness, located only 5 minutes from where we were staying, super convenient! We went through an intense leg, back, and core routine. We then continued our workout with 40 minutes of steady cardio. We were insanely sore and had to stretch our exhausted muscles.

After, we went to Costco to pick up more essentials for our family reunion. We also picked up a rotisserie chicken for our salad we had for lunch.

We met up with other family members at the Premium outlets. I didn’t have any luck here so we moved on. We then went to Fashion show mall. Some of my favorite stores were Cotton On and Super Dry Japan. We spent almost 7 hours shopping! YIKES! We did major shopping damage, and it was an amazing day!

Our trunk at the end of our shopping marathon!

We had to re-energize and decided to try RA Sushi for happy hour, located just outside of Fashion Show Mall. It was the most extensive sushi happy hour menu I’ve ever seen. The price ranged from $2-$7 plates, of generous portions. Each dish was unique and flavorful. I highly recommend trying RA sushi to help recover from a long day of shopping. It was a feast!

After our meal, we had to walk it off. We ventured onto the strip. I loved the reaction, and look on my cousin’s face as we walked outside and the Las Vegas strip was lit in all of its glory! It was her first time in Vegas and she absolutely loved the lights!

Day #3-Family time!

This day was all about family! I think the pictures speak for themselves…

My adorable niece, husband & I infront of the Welcome sign!

Some of the cousins & my niece infront of the "Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas" sign

Some of the ladies infront of the "Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas" sign

Us waiting for the Bellagio water show! Someone was excited 🙂

Some of my cousins & their kids at the reunion.

I’m beyond blessed for the amazing family God has given me. Every day I think of my family and I can’t wait to see them again. We took time to share stories of our Grandpa, who passed away two years ago. We looked back and realized what an incredible impact he has had in our lives, and his love of God he shared.

We hope to get together again soon, and live out his legacy. Looking forward to more memories, laughs, and prayers with my family!

PART 2 Coming soon…

Pictures from day #3 courtesy of my cousin Edward Fernandez.